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Real Estate Career Path

You’re ready to pursue a career in real estate. But with so many exciting options, you might be asking yourself, “Now what?” With REALTOR® University, the possibilities are endless.

The real estate industry is multifaceted and constantly evolving. Each facet of the business has unique career choices and specialization areas. This provides you with limitless opportunities to develop your business, expand your capabilities, develop sound business fundamentals and design a career path that works with your personal and professional goals.

The first step in developing your career path is determining which aspects of real estate you’re interested in. Do you want to focus on residential real estate or commercial? If it’s residential, do you want to specialize in buyer representation, global real estate, green real estate, buyers and sellers over 50, or something else?

To keep you looking ahead to what’s next, it is so important that you never stop learning and growing. That is why at REALTOR® University, we have numerous professional development and continuing education options to help you grow and evolve at any point on your path.

Maybe a Master’s Degree in one of our five real estate concentration areas is in your future? Or perhaps you will expand your business through our Designations and Certifications. Whatever career path you design, REALTOR® University will serve as your compass and be with you every step of the way today and tomorrow.

Explore our online courses, and take the first step to your future.

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